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KSlacky Info Package KSlacky InfoPkg (KSIP) is a graphic tool for GNU/Linux Slackware that provide a user friendly interface to pkgtool.
With KSIP you will be able to manage .tgz packages on your system in simplicity and security. All operations are planned by user and only when is required the user will have to go in root mode (but every operations will still be performed by KSIP).
KSIP is able to:

Technically speaking

From a technical point of view, KSIP is developed in C++ and Qt4.
Until KSIP 1.4, KDE4 is still required in order to work. Since the 1.5 version, the program contains Qt4 code only, so you will be able to run KSlacky InfoPkg on your favourite desktop environment.

About the project

KSlacky InfoPkg is an italian project, the author is Giovanni "Blizzard" Santostefano. While working on KSIP Blizzard is helped by the Italian Slackware Community, one of the most active linux communities on the internet.
As a beta tester and webmaster of this site I (danix) am helping Blizzard in this project. I already take care of the logo and the packaging of KSIP for Slackware.

Latest version

The latest available version of KSlacky InfoPkg is the 1.6.1, this version introduces a few improvements in the package management and fixes a few bugs too. You can read the complete ChangeLog for this version on the ChangeLog page.

Forum Section

If you want to discuss about KSIP, signaling bugs, giving advices or simply follow the development you can write on the forum.
The forum is provided with technical section in English and Off Topic discussions where you can choose to use English or Italian.