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ChangeLog and todo list page

Here you will find an always up to date log of all changes made to KSlacky InfoPkg. This page will give you a complete overview of what KSIP is actually made up of and what it will include in the future.
Of course you can find these informations in the source package too, under the docs directory go and check for the ChangeLog and TODO files.
Remember that if you want to be really bleeding edge about the new features and bugfix of KSIP is available a forum where to discuss and suggest about new features to include, bugs and all kind of KSIP related stuff.
You can find a link to the forum in the bar on top of every page of this site or you can simply click on this link.


version 1.6.1 (LATEST STABLE)

The 1.6.1 is the latest stable version of KSlacky InfoPkg. This version adds a few improvements regarding the GUI and the search engine. In this version we fixed a bug that left open the install and upgrade windows while the main window was still open, we added standard support for every desktop environment so that the a ksip item will appear in the menu of every compliant Desktop manager.
Last but not least from this version our developer started commenting out the source code of KSIP.
To get your copy of KSlacky InfoPkg go and check out our Downloads page.

version 1.6 (OLD STABLE)

The 1.6 is an old stable version of KSlacky InfoPkg. This version adds a few improvements regarding the GUI and the search engine, moreover we added a few graphics improvements like the program icon and a desktop file fully working on kde. The search engine includes now a simple text search and an advanced search using regular expressions, you can choose which one to use by selecting it using 2 radio buttons next to the Search button.
Starting from this version we've added a few documentation files in the source package under the docs/ directory, here you'll find a copy of the README, INSTALL, AUTHORS, TODO and ChangeLog.
Last but not least, starting from the 1.6 final release we've started packaging KSlacky InfoPkg into Slackware's package native format (.tgz). From now on you'll always find a Slackware package of the latest stable version of KSIP. If you want to try KSIP I suggest you to use the .tgz package, it will give you a complete installation keeping your system clean.
Please notice that every tgz is built on the latest Slackware available, so if you need to use KSIP on previous versions of Slackware you'll have to recompile it yourself, however every tgz is shipped with a SlackBuild script, so it's easy to recompile to fit your needs. Remember to have qt4 already installed before recompiling or it will not work.

version 1.5 (OLD STABLE)

1.5 version of KSlacky InfoPkg is an old stable release. This version shipped one of the main modifications to the KSIP source code, starting from this version, the developement moved to use qt4 only code instead of writing qt4 code based on the KDE libraries. This modification brought KSIP to be completely desktop agnostic and not related to the developement of KDE4; this means that KSlacky InfoPkg can run on every existing desktop, the only requirement are the QT4 libraries.


KSlacky InfoPkg 1.4 was the first public release of this program. In this version users were able to install, upgrade and remove packages from their Slackware box. There was already a search function to let the user browse the software installed.

To Do List

All the changes planned for the next release aims to make KSlacky InfoPkg even more usable, these changes are not so many but are all useful.
The first modification concerns the addiction of a preferences menu which will let the user modify the behaviour of KSIP to better fit his needs. Then we'll make possible to the user to browse every file contained in each package already installed, the way this will happen will be set up in the preferences.
The .desktop file in the tgz package will be fixed to make it standard compliant with the statements of