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Download KSlacky InfoPkg

IIn this page you'll have the possibility to get your copy of KSIP.
Since KSlacky InfoPkg is hosted by we make every new version of the program available trough the download area of our project page.
To get your copy of the sources go and find them on this page.

KSlacky InfoPkg for Slackware

KSlacky InfoPkg is a tool developed with the aim to help The package management on Slackware, so in order to help even more our users we decided to provide a package of KSlacky InfoPkg built on the latest stable version of this fantastic distro.

KSlacky InfoPkg TGZ Download !!!
Package Version Get it!!!
ksip-1.6.1-i486-1dx.tgz 1.6.1 (Latest stable) Download KSIP
ksip-1.6-i486-1dx.tgz 1.6 (Old stable) Download KSIP